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My package was damaged, what now?
My package was damaged, what now?
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Ensuring your package arrives safe and sound is our top priority, and our partners take special care to pack your goods securely. If, however, you receive a damaged product, we're here to make it right.

Let's tackle this together, step by step.

First things first:

  • If the products are broken but the package is intact, reach out to the store where you placed the order. They'll assist you with the next steps.

  • If both the products and the package are damaged, no worries! Hit the chat in the corner to get in touch with our support team.

  • For damaged or incomplete products, connect directly with the store where you made the order.

A quick heads-up:

We're always here to guide you and resolve any issues, but there might be instances where we can't fix the problem alone. Rest assured, we'll reach out to the store on your behalf to address the claim. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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