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What does a typical shift look like?
What does a typical shift look like?
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- Riders start their shift by starting up the cargo bike.

- At "Cutoff" time, the route is shared from Operations with the appropriate rider and city.

- The rider receives the orders in his or her Sparqle app and starts at the top with the first pickup address. This is clicked on and the quickest route for figured out via Google maps to the pickup address.

- Then upon arriving and picking up the parcels, the rider at the bottom clicks the checkmark and sets the pickup adress to completed.

- Now the rider can start driving his route and deliver the parcels in the same way in the app to start with the top order. By setting the order to completed each time, the rider follows his route until all the parcels have been delivered.

- The rider places the cargo bike back at the hub in the city once all packages have been delivered and locks the bike securely.

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