On-demand roles are generally suitable for workers who prioritize higher gross pay and greater flexibility. However, if guaranteed earnings and support for things like leave and holiday are more important, then being a shift worker is a better choice for you. Our shift model allow you to book a full shift that lasts several hours, giving you the security of a guaranteed wage for the time you worked. If you don’t receive any order during your shift you’ll still be paid the full hourly wage. As a freelancer, you can accept or decline on-demand jobs as they become available through your app. This gives you the freedom to select the jobs that you want to deliver as they appear on your app. You have complete autonomy to select your own rides with no obligations. As a freelancer, there are no specific uniform, kit, or vehicle requirements, and you have the freedom to come and go as they please. You are not supervised, and there are no expectations that you fulfill a specific number of jobs.

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